Anna: Mocha Sex Doll

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Anna is a down and dirty girl! Her smooth black skin, smoking hot body and classical facial features reveal her mixed blood.

She loves to hang around construction sites because she has a taste for hot-blooded men who work with their hands. This Texan lass doesn’t mind a bit of rough action too, and has been gang banged in the past by a group of linesmen during after work hours. Yes, that’s how naughty she gets when she is in the mood…

Anna’s a lot of fun and she will keep you hot, hard, on your toes and begging for more. “Time’s of the essence, so let’s not waste any of it,” she says. “I’m waiting for your response…”

Product Specifications:

Height: 163cm

Weight: 37kg

Bust: 96cm

Waist: 62cm

Hip: 94cm

Vagina Depth: 16cm

Anus Depth: 14cm

Oral Depth: 12cm

Package Size: 160 x 45 x 32cm

Doll comes with same wig and eye color as pictures.  Clothes are for photo purposes only and not included.

From our customers


Dollar for dollar, you are getting your best possible value from I shopped around and did a lot of research before settling on this one. I would buy it all over again.  The shipping was fast and I was given many status updates after ordering.

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Los Angeles, CA

As a single man, I had my choice of options. I could waste my money on the dating scene, I could settle for a woman who didn’t have the qualities that I wanted, and I could devote a lot of time and energy to keeping that woman happy… or I could just… opt out. I chose to opt out, and instead purchased this doll because it had the look and feel I desired. This was the right choice. I am now free to live my life as I choose, but I have a sexual outlet when I need it.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA